Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Exit Planet Dust

Finally got back home from a thoroughly gratifying and exhilarating trip. Spent the past three nights in three different towns, saw my bubbly little daughter, met two genre defying gorgeous eclectic ladies- hidden pearls of Central- and escaped a fatal motor accident.

Enough with the boring intro, this is exactly what happened - sugar coated of course. I set off for my grandad's Palace in Otumi (small village near Kade in the ER) after  finally collapsing to his subtle urgings for me to visit. I left Accra with GH 200 or was it? Well it wasn't exactly that much, I had earlier on Friday cashed that much money out of the atm to go see a chiropractic practitioner to finally have my backache problem treated but scrapped that sorry thought out of ma mind when I envisioned a smirk in the Doctors eye's with my hard earned cash in his hand. Well I grabbed me some brand new Zara kicks instead (y'all got to see 'em loafers they're BIGGG !!)...lol

Of to circle then I went at approximately 2pm Saturday, I briskly boarded the bus and the journey to Otumi begun. After hours of endless wander through towns such as Oda, Asamankese, Agona Sweduro and finally Kade.

Lost Wallet

Being the spendthrift that I sometimes can be :) I had used my wallet quite a few times before getting to Kade so it was no surprise I freaked out when i realised wasn't in my wallet....ok well it was in my travelling Polo bag but it was a scary few minutes.